Tasmania’s Operational Plan for Managing COVID-19 in Early Childhood Education and Care is designed for service providers. This provides an overview of the COVID-19 safe principles services will undertake in the current COVID-19 environment.

This plan aligns with the National Framework for Managing COVID-19 in Schools and Early Childhood Education and Care and has been built on everything we have learnt and implemented since the start of the pandemic. The six guiding principles include:

  1. Schools and ECEC services are first to open and last to close. Face-to-face learning is a priority.
  2. COVID-safe behaviours will be practised at all times.
  3. No vulnerable child or child of an essential worker will be turned away.
  4. Managing COVID-19 cases will be informed by public health advice.
  5. Schools and early childhood services will be equipped with public health advice.
  6. The health and wellbeing of children and staff is our top priority.


Parents can access Frequently Asked Questions regarding early childhood education and care and COVID-19.

If you need support translating or interpreting this information, contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450. Accessibility information is also available.