The ECU is delegated the functions of the State Regulatory Authority in Tasmania, which include receiving and investigating complaints arising under the National Law. Functions delegated under the Child Care Act include the ability to inspect child care services.

The ECU monitors, investigates and inspects education and care services and child care services when concerns are raised about actions, activities or facilities in relation to these services that may impact on the quality of education and care provided to children.

If the complaint is about a child protection concern (abuse or neglect of a child) you should contact the Strong Families, Safe Kids Advice & Referral Line on 1800 000 123.

Who can make a complaint?

Parents, families, staff, members of the public or other persons can raise concerns or make a complaint to the ECU.

Prior to contacting the ECU, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with the service in an attempt to resolve the issue.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the service or there are circumstances where a discussion is not possible or not appropriate, you may contact the ECU on (03) 6165 5425 or via email:

What happens after I contact the ECU?

You will be able to discuss your concerns with an authorised officer who will conduct an initial assessment of your complaint to determine the appropriate action to take.

The ECU takes a risk based approach to the assessment of the complaints it receives.

If your complaint is able to be addressed by the ECU, the matter will be:

  • assessed for potential risks to the health, safety and/or wellbeing of any child
  • reviewed for potential non-compliance with the National Law and/or Child Care Act 2001
  • investigated, as required, by an authorised officer

Please note, that the ECU can only address matters in keeping with its functions and powers as a regulatory authority under the National Law and/or the Child Care Act 2001.

The ECU takes complaints about education and care seriously. For this reason, complaints may take some time to be assessed, depending on the complexity of the matter and issues raised. We may contact you for further information, should this be required.

What if my complaint is about the ECU?

The ECU also receives complaints about policies, practices or persons working within the Unit.

Read more about making complaints regarding the ECU.