Education and care services play a critical role in the development of our young people and are part of a sector that underpins Tasmanians’ ability to work so it’s important to make sure you plan ahead for emergencies.

We’ve gathered some useful links on this page that might help you to plan for and recover from an emergency.  We also have specific links and resources on fire, weather events and public health alerts.

Emergency planning, response and recovery

 Useful links

 TASALERT for current information and a range of resources

  Australian Red Cross for resources and advice about preparing for emergencies

   The Department for Education, Children and Young People Skills and Employment for information about planning for emergencies and resources to help during and after and emergency

   The Australian Government’s Support for Businesses for risk management and recovery information and resources

 Emerging minds Community Trauma Toolkit for resources to help during and immediately after an emergency

If you have experienced an emergency you can also contact the ECU directly for advice and assistance.