Education and care qualifications – centre based services

Educators working in the education and care sector under the National Law are required to hold approved qualifications, unless working as an educator in an Outside of School Hours Care (OSHC) service.

The approved provider and nominated supervisor of an education and care service must ensure that each educator educating and caring for children at a service meets the qualification requirements relevant to the educator’s role.

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out minimum qualification requirements for educators working in children’s education and care services.

Early childhood teacher qualification

The National Law requires access to or attendance of an early childhood teacher (ECT) with an approved teaching qualification in centre based services in accordance with regulations 129-135.

Further information on ECT requirements can be found on the ACECQA website.

Diploma level qualification 

Regulation 126(1)(a) sets out diploma level qualification requirements for centre based services educating and caring for children of or under preschool age. This requirement does not apply to OSHC services.

Further information on diploma level qualifications can be found on the ACECQA website.

Certificate III qualification

Regulation 126(1)(b) sets out Certificate III qualification requirements for centre based services caring for children preschool age or under.

Read more about certificate III qualifications on the ACECQA website.

Actively working towards means that, in some circumstances, a person who is ‘actively working towards’ an approved qualification may be counted towards meeting qualifications requirements. Regulation 10 Meaning of actively working towards a qualification defines this provision.

Read more about educator qualifications on the ACECQA website.

Education and care qualifications – family day care services

Diploma level qualification 

Family day care (FDC) coordinators are required to hold an approved diploma level qualification under regulation 128.

Certificate III level qualification

Regulation 127 states that a FDC educator must have or be actively working towards at least an approved certificate III level education and care qualification.

How do I know if my qualification is an approved education and care qualification?

ACECQA is responsible for approving education and care qualifications. Lists of approved and former approved qualifications can be accessed on the ACECQA website and educators can apply to ACECQA to have their qualification checked.

Go to ACECQA’s Qualifications List. You can also use ACECQA’s Qualifications Checker to search for your qualification.

Apply to have your qualifications assessed by ACECQA.

First aid qualifications

Regulation 136 states the requirements for educators to hold approved qualifications in first aid, emergency asthma management and anaphylaxis management.

A list of approved qualifications is available on the ACECQA website – approved first aid qualifications.

Working with Vulnerable People Registration

In Tasmania this requirement is met through the Working with Vulnerable People Registration Act 2013. This legislation requires educators to be registered before working in an education and care service. The aim of this legislation is to keep our children as safe as possible.

Educators must apply for Working with Vulnerable People registration through the Department of Justice Consumer, Building and Occupational Service’s website. A ‘Working with Vulnerable People – child related activity’ registration card is issued to an educator if their application has been successful.

Read more about educator requirements to hold Working with Vulnerable People registration.