A&R related resources

What happens during the Assessment and Rating process?

Providing feedback on your draft Assessment and Rating Report

Changes to Assessment and Rating report format

Changes to Assessment and Rating in 2023

Information Sheet – Submitting your QIP

ACECQA Information Sheet – Making Quality Assessment and Rating More Effective

Information Sheet – A&R

Information Sheet – A&R visit postponement

Information Sheet – The A&R Process Post Visit

Information Sheet – Partial Reassessments

Feedback on Assessment and Rating Report

Documentation Guide for CBC Services

Documentation Guide for FDC Services

A&R optional reflective questions for centre-based services

A&R optional reflective questions for family day care services

FAQs – A&R


Guide to the Early Childhood Centre and School Age Care Facilities Code

Information sheets

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Information Sheet – Portable Cot Use in FDC

Information Sheet – Regular Outing

Non-approval of verandas as indoor play space

Information Sheet – Cautions

Information Sheet – Working With Vulnerable People registration

Information Sheet – Strict Liability

Information Sheet – Safe Transportation of Children (Tas)

Information Sheet – Nominated Supervisors

Educational Leader Role