​Families and Communities

​Working together for children's learning and wellbeing

Children benefit when families and services work together. Communicating with the service supports your child's learning, development and well being.  

A range of services provide supportive learning environments and opportunities for your child to learn through play, social interactions and routines. Educators plan and provide for the development of each child's skills, knowledge and independence.

In partnership with families, quality education and care enhances learning and development during a child's formative years, which has long term benefits.

Education and Care services

Licensed services

The Starting Blocks website provides a range of information and resources for families about early childhood education, including:

  • children's development and milestones
  • what you can do at home to encourage your child's learning and development
  • what you should expect from a service
  • how to find a service and tips on starting child care 
  • the ratings of all approved education and care services 

The My Child website and the Child Care Access Hotline also provide information to families about approved services.

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 Complaints and queries

​You are encouraged to first speak with the service if you have any
concerns about the education and care of your child.

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